Learn hydroponics,You will defeat 90% of plant lovers.

What is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a new indoor soilless cultivation method of plants, also known as nutrient solution culture. Its core is to fix the plant roots and stems in the planting basket and make the roots grow naturally into the plant nutrient solution, which can replace the natural soil to provide water, nutrients, temperature and other growth factors to the plants, so that the plants can grow normally and complete their whole life cycle.

How did hydroponics begin?

The hydroponic planting method is very convenient to operate. Full automatic indoor cultivation can be realized by sowing seeds on the substrate, adding water and nutrient solution, and giving sufficient plant light. It avoids the disadvantages of soil cultured plants, makes the limitations of plant planting smaller and the operating space larger, makes planting a simple and beautiful thing, saves time, effort and no pollution.

Grow seedlings:

Hydroponics belongs to the culture without substrate, but the seedlings of hydroponics plants need to use substrate.


There is no substrate to fix the roots in the environment where the roots of hydroponic plants grow, and the roots grow in nutrient solution or moist air containing nutrient solution.

Nutrient solution:

The preparation of nutrient solution is the core technology for the normal growth of hydroponic plants, and also the foundation and key of hydroponics. According to the needs of plant growth for nutrients, a solution prepared by dissolving a certain amount of fertilizer in water in an appropriate proportion is called nutrient solution.

Generally speaking, most hydroponic plants like a humid and warm environment.