VEG 6400K Series

The Quick Grow Veg 6400K Series Led grow lights is the robust, lightweight and durable grow light bar of choice for the indoor environmental agriculture industry.

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Veg 6400K Series grow light bars are optimised for a broad spectrum to maximise photosynthesis and plant growth, the Veg 6400K Series grow lights are ideal for foundation growers and are the perfect solution tool for supplementary lighting in greenhouses.


Nimble deployment

Each LED bar can control its on/off separately. You can also adjust the quantity of the led grow light bars according to your plants needs.


Highly efficient

Why are the Quick Grow LED Lights more effective for indoor growth than traditional LED lights and other plant lights on the market? Our technical team has researched and produced diodes that can accomplish highly PAR outputs. The low energy consumption of the product is more likely to be appreciated by plant cultivators.


Satisfyingly optimized spectrum

Full spectrum LED grow lights provide optimum spectral coverage. Highlighting the blue and red wavelengths that promote plant growth, vegetation or flowering, Quick Grow Led lights emit specific wavelengths of light to maximize the amount of photosynthesis.


Infinite versatility

The Quick Grow Veg 6400K series Led grow lights are suitable for balconies, greenhouses, dark rooms, offices, etc. They are widely used for cultures, gardening and potted plants, especially when it is raining, snowing or when it is dark indoors and the plants need extra light.


Maintenance & Worry-free Warranty

The technical experts at Quick Grow LED Grow Lights have gone through countless data tests and found that it has a long life span – over 50,000 hours of hard work. We also offer a 2-year after-sales service, so you don’t have to worry about after-sales issues.


Technical Data

  • Product size: 12/18/24/36/48 inch (optional)
  • Light Source: World-Class LED Chips
  • Input Power: 12/18/24/36/48W
  • Input Voltage: AC 100-277V
  • Efficacy: 1.97 umoI/J
  • PPF: 24.18/36.27/45.91/69.39/95.7 umol/s
  • Ra: ≥ 83
  • Working Temperature: -5°C ~ 40°C
  • Colour Temperature: 6400K
  • Light Distribution: 120°
  • Lifetime: >50,000hrs
  • Power Factor: ≧80%
  • Certifications: UL , RoHs , CE
  • Mounting Height: ≧6″ Above the Plants
  • Warranty: 2 Years



Included Components

  • 1 x Power cord with On/Off switch
  • 1 x Connecting Cords
  • 4 x hanging clip
  • 2 x screw set



  • 010100102: 6400k-Seoul/12W/24leds
  • 010100202: 6400k-Seoul/18W/36leds
  • 010100302: 6400k-Seoul/24W/48leds
  • 010100402: 6400k-Seoul/36W/72leds
  • 010100502: 6400k-Seoul/48W/96leds

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12W / 24 LEDs, 18W / 36 LEDs, 24W / 48 LEDs, 36W / 72 LEDs, 48W / 96 LEDs

VEG 6400K Series

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