360 LED

Mimic the sun’s rays on plants, our technical team has created what we believe is the most advanced plant light available, announcing the birth of a wonderful new lighting machine.

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Equipped with a full spectrum of high PAR, the 360 Degree Grow Light is an excellent choice for commercial growers and home gardeners alike, equipped with multiple rows of light emitting chips for high brightness and low light decay to protect your carefully cultivated plants on all fronts.

360 Degree Grow Light’s diodes allow for a very high PAR output, making it more efficient for growing than other plant lighting.


Super Spectrum Control

360 Degree Grow Light provides optimum spectral coverage for plants. It emits the specific red and blue light wavelengths that plants need and maximises the amount of photosynthesis to promote growth, flowering and reproduction.



Excellent suspension system

360 Degree Grow Light comes with a great suspension system. Simply supported by 4 stainless steel rope hanging clips, it lifts off in a very short time. 360 degrees of even light distribution in all directions, no hot spots.



Easiest operation

There is a dimming knob on the growth lamp panel, which is used to freely adjust the brightness and intensity of the light between 0% and 100%, and provide everything necessary for plants from vegetation to flowering. When it is used for plant growth, it is absolutely very convenient, so you can use it for young trees, giving them the flexibility to achieve perfect growth performance.



Versatile deploy

The 360 Degree Grow Light is extremely easy to install and is suitable for a variety of applications such as plant stands, plant tents, hydroponic grow rooms, greenhouses and more. The addition of spectral control to our lights allows each user of our products to customise their crops for greater yield and performance.


Technical Data

  • Product size: 36/48 inch (optional)
  • Light Source: World-Class LED Chips
  • Input Power: 560W/650W
  • Input Voltage: 120-277V
  • Efficacy:  2.2umoI/J
  • PPF:  1200 umol/s
  • Ra: ≥ 80
  • Working Temperature: -5°C ~ 40°C
  • Colour Temperature: 3000K
  • Light Distribution: 360°
  • Lifetime: >50,000hrs
  • Power Factor: ≧80%
  • Certifications: UL , RoHs , CE
  • Mounting Height: ≧6″ Above the Plants
  • Warranty: 2 Years



Included Components:

  • 1 x Power cord with On/Off switch
  • 1 x Connecting Cords
  • 4 x hanging clip with stain less rope
  • 2 x screw set




  • 013500102: 360 LED-Seoul/560W/36 Inch
  • 013500202:360 LED-Seoul/650W/48 Inch

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560W/36 Inch, 650W/48 Inch

360 LED

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