Guide to Growing Strawberries at Home

1.Light and temperature requirements

When growing strawberries at home, it is important to keep the indoor maintenance temperature between 15 and 22 degrees. When the temperature is higher than 30 degrees in summer, open the windows and ventilate the plants in time and absorb the water sprays to cool them down, while usually they can be placed on a sunny windowsill.

2.Nutrient supplementation

When raising strawberries at home, it is important to replenish them with different nutrients at different stages of growth. Urea or nitrogen fertilisers can be applied during the growing season, but around the flowering stage, fertilisers are changed to phosphorus and potassium fertilisers to promote flower bud differentiation.

3. Pollination methods

Strawberries raised at home are not pollinated by insects or bees, so they need to be pollinated by hand, using a dry brush dipped in pollen and then repeatedly applied to the style to complete the pollination and produce fat fruit.

4. Disease control

If strawberries are infected with leaf spot disease during the growing season, they will have long spots, dead leaves and fallen leaves. It is important to cut out the diseased leaves in time to prevent the spread of the disease, and then spray a solution of chlorothalonil for them every 10 days until the strawberries resume growth.