The CX03-005 has been specially designed for indoor growers. Using only the remote control, you can control the CX-03-005 by shifting gears to adjust the light. With its fanless design and excellent cooling performance you can say goodbye to all the noise when growing indoors. Equipped with a full spectrum light chip to provide your plants with the light they need at all stages.


Multi mode remote control switching

It with unique VEG (Mode B) and BLOOM modes(Mode A) ,Full spectrum ;acceleration mode (Mode AB);lmitate night mode and day mode.

Optimised full spectrum irradiation

Provides the natural light needed for the full growth phase of the plant, speeding up plant growth and flowering time so you can see your beloved plants flourish sooner.

13-Levels Diming

It allows for 13 levels of light intensity regulation to supplement plant lighting at night (on cloudy days) or indoors to provide the light needed for plant germination. Promotes accelerated plant growth throughout the growth cycle. It works well for indoor gardens, hydroponics or soil plants.

High power + low power consumption

This product is a 65w full spectrum plant light, equivalent to a 1000w high pressure sodium lamp, saving 80% on electricity costs.

Technical Parameter:

LEDs Per Plant Light: Warm–White(102),White(102),IR(2),660NM(28)
Feature: Remote Control
Actual Power Draw: 65W±3% at 120V
LED Quantities: 234LEDs
Total Harmonic Distortion: <15%
Input: AC100-240V~0.95A
Frequency: 50-60Hz
HID Replacement:100oW HPS/MH
Number of Lamp Beads:234 LEDs
Light Wave Range:390nm-800nm
Reference Range for Vegetable Coverage (at 18″) : 2.5×2.5 ft
Reference Range for Flowerring Coverage (at 14″ ):2 × 2 ft
Use for: All stage growing and flowering
Dimensions: 11.9*11.9*2.1 inches
ltem Weight: 3.9lbs
Lifespan: ≥100,000 hours


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