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  • Quick Grow 3 Modes Dimmable Led Grow light is a great solution to the problem of how to illuminate your plants at different stages of growth.

  • Mimic the sun’s rays on plants, our technical team has created what we believe is the most advanced plant light available, announcing the birth of a wonderful new lighting machine.

  • Quick Grow Combo 3700K Series Led Grow Light is the leading light is the light that plants need for the flowering stage. With its infinite proximity to natural sunlight, it is suitable for all plants at all stages of development and plants respond quickly from seed to flower.

  • The CX02-003 will be the easiest of all plant lights to install! Whether on a solid wall, in a cabinet or in a mini greenhouse, it can be simply deployed by means of nails, double-sided tape or ties. It is perfect for succulent farming, potted green plants, sprouts and flower pots.

  • The CX02-004 guarantees a blend of home aesthetics while offering more possibilities for growing small plants in pots. The low-voltage design of the light allows growers to grow indoors and use it with greater safety and security.

  • The CX02-005 plant light is a versatile light for both land and water. Whether it is to illuminate terrestrial plants, succulents, fish tank landscapes or mosses it is a good helpers.

  • CX03-001 has a modern minimalist design and is widely used in greenhouses and farms. The high value exterior is equipped with a waterproof power supply and aluminium parts for heat dissipation, so you can grow without worrying.

  • The wavelength of CX03-002 is perfect for the growth, flowering and fruiting of plants. CX03-002 can not only promote the growth of plants, but also prolong the flowering period and improve the quality of flowers.

  • With the high energy efficiency of the Samsung LM281b+ diode, the CX03-003 runs at 30% less power than other comparable lamps and the optimised full spectrum is ideal for when you are planting.

  • The CX03-005 has been specially designed for indoor growers. Using only the remote control, you can control the CX-03-005 by shifting gears to adjust the light. With its fanless design and excellent cooling performance you can say goodbye to all the noise when growing indoors. Equipped with a full spectrum light chip to provide your plants with the light they need at all stages.

  • A new artisanal creation from QG Grow, the CX03-006. The unique thickened aluminium lampshade design provides a significant increase in light gathering and heat dissipation, resulting in a longer life span of the product itself. Imitates sunlight with 120° wide coverage of the plants you are growing. Dimmable in series, excellent IP65 waterproof performance, giving you the best integrated plant grow light service.

  • Combined with the formulation of our professional customised spectrum, the CX03-008 grow light offers every greenhouse grower new opportunities to improve quality and yield. With stepless dimming, an all aluminium housing, 600 led chips and IP65 waterproofing, it’s more than you can imagine.

  • Quick Grow Double Led Grow Light is a technical innovation to the Grow Light Series. Compared to a single tube, the double tube offers more efficient light generation and light control.

  • Satisfy some of the high demanding plants with the High Power Strip Grow Light, which is designed by our technicians to go above and beyond for plants that needs more than the basic strip light.

  • Quick Grow Pro BB6400K Series Led Grow Lights are suitable for all indoor plants, full spectrum, both for hydroponics and indoor plants such as succulents, miniature greens, asexuals, lettuce, peppers, tomatoes.

  • The Quick Grow Spider Grow lights are equipped with four full spectrum lamps that easily solve the problem of limited range and intensity of a single lamp, making them more efficient for indoor growing than other conventional lamps on the market.