How to convert plants from hydroponics to soil culture

Hydroponic plants are very popular nowadays because they are clean and hygienic, but hydroponics is relatively homogeneous, the plants do not grow well and the temperature is low in winter, so many friends will convert their hydroponic plants to soil culture. However, the roots of hydroponic plants are weak and it is cold in winter, so changing from hydroponic to soil culture is not a matter of covering them with soil. How exactly can you solve this problem?

Steps for converting plants from hydroponics to soil culture.

  1.Pour off all the water in hydroponics and let the bare roots of the plant dry for about 2 days, this will make the roots a little thicker and better accept the soil.

  2. Just move into the soil without watering first, to keep the soil damp and allow the plant to adapt to the new environment, and then gradually water after 3 days.

  3.Soil is also added slowly so that the plant can have a sitting in water.

  4. Do not add fertiliser yet, let the plant automatically absorb the original water in the pot and then add fertiliser after a while when it has adapted.