With the high energy efficiency of the Samsung LM281b+ diode, the CX03-003 runs at 30% less power than other comparable lamps and the optimised full spectrum is ideal for when you are planting.


Optimised spectral design

The CX03-003 is equipped with a wide range of high quality lamp beads with an optimised light spectrum to meet the light requirements of plants at all stages of growth.

Longer life/plant light durability

Samsung’s LM281B+ diode delivers superior performance for over 100,000 hours of use.

No strobe

Long-term strobe lights do not provide constant light to plants, resulting in uneven growth and poor flowering and fruiting results. Prolonged exposure to such light can damage your eyesight and affect your health.

Wide range of applications:

The CX03-003 is suitable for growing vegetables, flowers, succulents and fruit in a wide range of environments.

Technical specifications

Actual Power: 65W|100W

Input Voltage: AC100~265V (50Hz/60Hz)


Veg/Bloom Switch: Available

Working Temperature:-25 ~ 75℃

G.W: 0.85 kg| 1.1 kg

Lifespan: > 50000 hrs

Warranty: 2 Years

Additional information


65W, 100W


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