LED Low-voltage Series

The LED low voltage series is the best helper for small greenery growth, adding beauty and making it more enjoyable to grow.

3 Products

  • The CX02-003 will be the easiest of all plant lights to install! Whether on a solid wall, in a cabinet or in a mini greenhouse, it can be simply deployed by means of nails, double-sided tape or ties. It is perfect for succulent farming, potted green plants, sprouts and flower pots.

  • The CX02-004 guarantees a blend of home aesthetics while offering more possibilities for growing small plants in pots. The low-voltage design of the light allows growers to grow indoors and use it with greater safety and security.

  • The CX02-005 plant light is a versatile light for both land and water. Whether it is to illuminate terrestrial plants, succulents, fish tank landscapes or mosses it is a good helpers.