Double Grow Light

Quick Grow Double Led Grow Light is a technical innovation to the Grow Light Series. Compared to a single tube, the double tube offers more efficient light generation and light control.



The higher efficiency of the LED circuit board means better conversion of electrical energy into light energy, a more complete and uniform light for the cultivation of plants and maximum light optimisation for monoculture and layered cultivation.



At the same time, we wanted the Quick Grow Double Led Grow Light to be even more brightly practical. In addition to the basic function of growing plants and simulating sunlight, the double led grow light can also provide supplementary lighting in the corners of the grow tent.

Self-contained remote timer

This light comes with its own remote control, which allows you to control the lamp on/off, adjust the intensity of the light and the time of exposure.

Double optimised spectrum

With the full spectrum of dual lights, Quick Grow Double Led Grow Light maximises light efficiency at all stages of plant cultivation: plant growth time is significantly reduced and energy waste is drastically reduced.



Aluminum reflector for greater effectiveness

No need to worry about possible heat problems with double-layered lights,    the aluminum reflector used in these lights prevents the plant leaves from being damaged by the light even at close range.



Longevity & 2-year worry-free warranty

LED lights are also more efficient than fluorescent lights and provide a more concentrated and stable light source for plants. They have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. We will provide you with a two-year worry-free warranty, so you don’t need to worry about problems with your product, customer service will solve your urgent problems within 24h.


Double Grow Light

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