Ningbo Haider Technology Center Award

According to the relevant provisions of “Ningbo Jiangbei District Enterprise Engineering and Technology Centre Recognition Management Measures” (No. 7 of 2022 of Science and Technology of North District), Ningbo Haider Technology Centre was named as Ningbo Jiangbei District Enterprise Engineering and Technology Centre in 2022 after application by enterprises, centralized management, recommendation by units and evaluation by experts.

​Ningbo Haider is a company that has been established for ten years and specializes in the design, research, development and production of grow lights. Since its establishment, our R&D team has been steadily conducting research and has a wealth of development experience. We have developed a variety of new grow lights on our own and have been awarded a number of appearance patents and utility model certificates, including appearance patents in the USA, Canada, Japan, EU, Australia and other countries.

​Ningbo Haider engineering technology team will further improve the enterprise technology innovation system, accelerate the construction of engineering technology team and talent training, increase investment in science and technology innovation, while continuously improving the ability of independent innovation, better play the role of demonstration and leading the industry’s technological progress, and make new contributions to promote the industry’s high-quality development.