DLC officially Released Version 3.0 of Plant Grow Light

On November 30, 2022, DLC released the official V3.0 standard for plant grow lights and the sampling inspection policy fornt grow light . Plant3.0 grow light is expected to take effect on March 31, 2023, and the first round of spot check of plant lamp is expected to start in the first quarter of 2024.

This update mainly involves the following five points:

1. Plant lighting effect (PPE) requirements rise

Plant grow light V3.0 requires PPE greater than 2.3 μ Mol/J (tolerance – 5%)

2. Product information requirements

The following product information requirements need to be stated in the product specification for vegetable light V3.0

3. Requirements for product control capability

The requirements for dimming ability of the product and the description of the control function of the plant lamp V3.0 have been added (no test is required, only the description in the product specification): ² PPF ≥ 350 μ The AC products of mol/s and all DC products and light source products must have the dimming function.

² PPF less than 350 μ The AC products of mol/s only need to report the dimming ability. In addition, DLC also requires relevant control standards/protocols for dimming and control functions, control attributes, and receiving/transmitting hardware. (It is necessary to select the control standard/protocol corresponding to the product from the following table)

4.The test standard requires that the updated plant lamp V3.0 only accepts the 79 test report of the LM79-19 test standard (LM79-08 is no longer accepted).

5.Policy for sampling inspection of plant grow light

The sampling inspection policy for plant lamp products has also been added in V3.0. The specific requirements are as follows:

Table 1 Verify whether the products meet the standards
Table 2 Verify Network Connection Information